Now, this was a surprise. Angry Birds and Star Wars. How can these two co-exist? Well, it seems Lucas Arts and Rovio found a way and I am uberly excited once it is available next month (November 8).

The game will show familiar scenes from Star Wars movies but the feel will still be true to the Angry Birds brand. The idea for the game came up around the time Rovio released Angry Birds Space, a collaboration with NASA.

The game will be based around the Angry Birds Space version of the title, with the birds replaced by Rebel Alliance stars like Luke, Han, Ben Kenobi and Leia, while the stormtrooper pigs will be marshalled by a suitably porcine version of Darth Vader.

The planets will be from the Star Wars universe like Tatooine and the icy planet Hoth. There have not been any teasers on how the game looks like but the cinematic intro for an Angry Bird jedi was awesome!

Now … will the birds be able to talk? Or will the pigs do … Maybe the pigs could say “May the pork be with you …”

Check out the teaser animation below.

Seems like major gaming companies are going the MMORPG route. This should give Star Wars fans big smiles knowing that there will be an upcoming massively multiplayer online role playing game based in the Star Wars universe.

This system is developed by BioWare and figures to be a smash hit amongst MMORPG fans. I have been a long time fan of Star Wars and having this kind of gaming platform is a sure hit for me. I definitely am going to play this one.

Whilst it is still not released to the public, those interested to learn of new updates and news can find many resources about it in a community site called the swtor forum.

The site covers game news, pre-release news, guides and has active discussions on its forum about the game and the classes. Also, the site will start offering monthly prizes for its active users, mostly gaming gear. How cool is that?

The contests will be monthly or bi-monthly so be sure to register for an account now and become a member. You will also get a chance to interact and exchange views with other Star Wars fans in their forum.

Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed technology that can transmit 3-D images in near real-time and say it may not be too long before holographic videoconferencing becomes a reality.

Just like Princess Leia made her “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi” plea as a hologram in the original Star Wars, they say we might be able to virtually attend conferences, participate in surgery, manufacture products and more.

But the researchers say they are aiming to do Star Wars even one better — instead of displaying miniaturized, monochromatic versions of the projected objects, they want to display images that are human-size, full-color and high-resolution.

Holograms are already used on driver’s licenses, consumer packaging, kids’ stickers and other products. Now, with that kind of hologram possible in the near future, that is what I am looking forward to. Great job guys!

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