What makes the Starmobile Astra unique and attractive is its feature for it being a TV phone. That and a 4.3-inch Capacitive touchscreen plus Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and from the looks of it, can be considered a decent phone.

I said “from the looks of it” because even though the price is cheap, in the long run I think users of this smart phone will get frustrated.

Sure, it boasts of an 8MP camera, 512MB RAM which is decent and even a 1GHz Dual-core processor. But the lack of internal memory makes it smart phone slow. Sure, there is a slot for an SD card or something and when you first use it, it may not be obvious. Once you add apps, photos, videos and even use them, you can observe the lag even for a few seconds.

Plus, their capacitive touchscreen is messed up. Even a slight tap from my finger does not produce a reaction from the phone. Play a game and I bet you will get frustrated.

What made this phone more disappointing is the maker disabled some features like setting the screen to the user’s desired number of windows. There are folders available to organize apps so what good are extra window screens in the phone?

When I send an SMS message that is beyond the maximum number of characters equal to 2 SMS messages, it becomes an MMS message which meant I could incur more damaging charges if I had not noticed the word change from SMS to MMS. Worse, there is no way in the settings to change this.

Frankly, if all you are after is the TV phone then go for it. Otherwise, there are so many high end phones way better than this one that is worth investing in.

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