As an Android developer myself, I know that not everybody can sell their apps and get paid because Google currently restricts it to a few countries. This goes the same for companies who sell Android apps. These legal things can sometimes be a hassle and drag most of your time sometimes to no avail.

Startupr can help you get started in creating your very own company and have the capability to sell Android apps and get paid for them.

Then again you might get scared knowing that some company will help you process the legal requirements in order for you to have your own business running. Do not fret.

Startupr is legit, being operated by the internationally acclaimed company, Inc (Nevada Corporation) and priding themselves for offering their services with low prices and efficient results.

It does not mean that they will take over the course of how you want your business to be. You simply define your requirements while they handle all the tedious administrative tasks behind the scenes leaving you to concentrate on your dream for your company.

They even employ a back end software to use that will automatically send you reminders of important annual filings and upload your important document to your online account. This ensures that everything will be taken care of and your company will operate without problems.

Check out Startupr if you want to start company in Singapore or any other country supported by Google’s list.

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