If you wonder why the game has an episode 1 in its title, it is because this game is delivered in episodes. But no fret. Straandlooper has assured us that episodes 2 and 3 will be released within this year of 2011. Overall, this is a great game.

I enjoyed all the puzzles, the humor, the graphics, the voice actors, sound effects, music and all. Heck, after finishing episode 1, it left me wanting for more.

If you have played adventure games before, then this one is no different. You pick up things along the way, trying to use them to solve puzzles and complete tasks.

The game is not really hard to grasp. It is so easy to play. This game centers on a town called Clappers Wreake, the town that took the Great out of Britain, where a hostage situation so happens and there is only one man for the job (since all other negotiators have been shot dead): Detective Inspector Hector.

Episode 1 revolves mainly on clearing 3 tasks: fix the clock tower, shut down the local porn shop and help a man at the park’s tourism stand raise £25,000. This game is a big thumbs up for me although I cannot say the same for the price. I find it a bit expensive considering it is only an episode.

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