When you place files in the assets folder and you want to use them in your Android app, you normally access them via streams.

Let us say you want to load a text file. How can one go about it?

This method will convert your assets text file into a String object.

To use this method in your Activity, you do this.

Say you call an HTTP request that returns a byte array which contains a binary file, how would you do this? First things first. Access it using an HttpURLConnection object. Once you have connected to the URL, get the InputStream object and that is when you will be able to convert the stream into a byte array. Check the code below.

The data variable is the byte array. You can then do whatever you like (e.g. saving it as a binary file) after you have retrieved the byte array object.

To read an HttpURLConnection’s InputStream line by line, just like what you do reading a file using a FileReader, you can use the InputStreamReader class as parameter to the BufferedReader class and do the same code you do for reading a file line by line. Take this code for example.

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