JMeter is a great tool. Problem is, when it comes to the Graph Results, nobody understands it. Go look at definitions of Median and Deviation and they have nothing to do with technology. They are more on the Math side of things.


The only data I understood is throughput which is more related to what you are actually doing: stress test. But then again, the graph is abstract there is no way to interpret it.

Luckily, I came across a JMeter plugin by Lars Krogjensen and improved by Ruben Laguna.


Now, doesn’t the graph look much better? Plus, there are more data included displayed in table format. While the data still contains information on deviation, throughput, median and others like in the default, this plugin beats the default one because there are other details like kb/sec, average, url and many others.

Try it out. Visit this link to get the plugin called Statistical Aggregate Report. Extract the lib folder to where you stored your JMeter folder.

Once run, right click on the project, select add listener and look for┬áStatistical Aggregate Report. That’s it! Re-run your test plan and see the improved graph results.

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