What makes a product successful is its simplicity on its usage and its effectiveness in bringing expected results. I recently checked a software application that lets me easily create and manage surveys intended for use in Android powered smart phones.

Dooblo’s survey software called Survey To Go is a pretty simple application to use. And I say simple because I am the type who does not like a lot of steps to go through in order to create something. Simplicity is everything to me. That goes with the resulting output surveys that can be used for Android phones and tablets.

Not everybody in this world is a techie that is why the Survey To Go is a great complement to users who want to create mobile surveys and manage data generated by those surveys in one easy and intuitive user interface.

For managing survey results, the application has this nifty feature that lets me know exactly which interviewer performed which interview and where. Since smart phones nowadays have GPS support, I can instantly gain near real-time visibility of where my current interviewers are and what they are doing.

Okay, so you might say that there are already existing applications that does this. True. But what makes Dooblo’s Survey To Go different from the rest is the efficiency from conducting mobile field surveys operation without losing data and the ability to control field surveyors and their work in real time.

I can even do multiple users and groups with defined permissions so as to explicitly set specific requirements and settings.

And the best part? Its pay per use policy feature is what attracted me to use this for my mobile survey needs. This means that I only get to pay on demand and only for the interviews I conduct!

You should give this a try if you want an effective mobile survey management solution. I have tried this and I am recommending you try it. Visit http://www.dooblo.net/.

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