Bet this happened because you just reinstalled WAMP, right? This happens if you did not back up the data folder under MySQL folder.

I am not sure if there is another alternative other than if your Windows backup is running. If it is, then you are lucky.

Simply go to the data folder and look for the iblog0 and ibdata files. Right click, select restore and choose which restore point you wish to revert back.

That’s it!

If Windows was not able to back up those files, you are out of luck.

A community user in the Oracle forum posted this short snippet in hiding a TableView column header regardless if your table still does not have any data.

The listener will handle the hiding of the header column once it gets triggered.

Well, only one advice I can give you. Take advantage of free source code to help you create tables and pagination links easily with barely any development.

Sure, there are source codes out there detailing how to code pagination in PHP to display a certain number of rows per page but considering that these days, there are so many helpful source codes that only requires you to specify some setting values, I would say use them and you will not encounter any more hassles.

I checked out jQuery EasyUI’s DataGrid component and I have to say it is very easy to set up and you do not have to worry about coding pagination links and even functions such as adding, updating and deleting rows.

Here is a sample screenshot.

Looks neat right? You only need to supply a few values and it does the rest behind the scenes shielding the developer from any coding time.

Look up the DataGrid component of JEasyUI to help you create tables with pagination links and other useful functionalities within the table effortlessly.

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