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One thing with most bags is that what you see is what you get. You cannot change it, you cannot customize it. Of course, there may be accessories that you can put on to your bags but then, that is not really what customizing is.

Tagger bags are different. They are completely customizable and interchangeable. So what does this mean? For starters, you can actually build your own bag in just seconds by combining the parts. The parts click, stick and zip which allows you to customize the bag no matter how many times you want to.

This feature was made into fruition due to the fact that Tagger bags want the user to have freedom and flexibility in wanting their bags to look different based on individual style and choice.

With new styles and designs that are added regularly, Tagger bag owners will always find themselves having a new bag that looks different.

The Customizable Messenger Bags & Bags cater to different styles. Build Your Own Backpack: Bratpack or Build Your Own Backpack: Principal. And considering that these bags are made from weatherproof, superstrong truck tarpaulin, owners are assured that their bags will be there in tip top shape for the long haul.

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