I tried quite a number of suggestions while I sifted through the Stackoverflow forum but one of them worked without hassles.

It is short and simple: simulate a tap on the EditText component.

You can do this by doing:

That’s all.

Of course, when doing it programmatically, the first thing we do is call requestFocus() but there are certain cases where the soft keyboard will not show up. The code above will ensure that the soft keyboard will always show when it is called.

Sure, you have heard about it recently in social media networks about this new game that has been buzzing around your friends’ timelines. As of today, the game is no more but I cannot help write a review about it.

I already had plans writing about it but it seems its demise got ahead of me. Sad that the developer was under heavy backlash and decided to take the game down. People should not flame the developer for the reason that they find it hard to increase their scores because there is only 1 level of difficulty.

If you do not like it, do not download and play it.

That does not mean I liked it. I tried playing the game 4x and that was it. It is a simple game, yes. But the level of difficulty is absurd. You only have to keep tapping on the bird to avoid Mario-looking obstacles along the way.


That’s all? People should play SexTris instead even if there is no app for that. Go play it in your PC. It is more fun if you ask me :P.

Even with its demise, the developer is now very rich. Kudos to him. I am sure all other developers envy his app, a simple one at that but one that generated lots of ad revenue.

The game had reported been taken down in the Play Store and App Store. If you want to look for this game, it won’t be there that’s for sure.

I recently added a notification feature for my widget and what I wanted was whenever the user clicks or taps the notification message in the notification center, it will remove itself rather than having to click the clear all button.

The secret lies in the flags of the Notification class by using Notification.FLAG_AUTO_CANCEL. However, to ensure that this works, the code has to be bitwise-or the flags like this

Pretty easy, right?

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