If you do not know what Technorati is, it is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. It is a famous criteria for paid blogging sites to rate blogger sites who submit their sites to join the paid blogging program. I barely log in to the site since I registered my blogs a long time ago but I had noticed that the rankings suddenly dropped to zero for no apparent reason.

After all these months, I accessed the site and the weirdest thing happened. I could not update any of my account information and access my blog details. Worse, most of my blogs do not have any ranks. I searched Google to find an answer and sad to say there is no solution. Lots of people complained that they could not update their accounts as well.

The fix (so they say) was to clear the browser’s cookies but it still did not work. Is Technorati done for? Well, from the looks of it, it seemed they probably are not paying more attention to it anymore. Otherwise, the account and blog info page would be working. Any of you experienced this? Did you find a fix for this? Please do tell.

technoratiTsk. So I guess it is confirmed. When my site went down because of the hosting provider’s system maintenance and upgrades, it affected my Technorati ranking immensely. I was surprised that most rankings in my sub-domains went down to more than a million. That is a pretty big leap. I thought, maybe Technorati’s side had a glitch or something. After a day, the rankings went back up. But not as near as the ones that my blogs currently had. One even had around 70k+ in rank and now it is at around 170k+.

Boo to my hosting provider. I emailed them about the downtime and they even told me that my sites should not be affected. Yeah right. Look what it did to my Technorati rankings. What a bummer. It will take months for me to get the Technorati rankings that I had before. Sigh*.

technoratiHi readers, has anyone of you experienced a steep drop in your Technorati Rankings? I just did. And I have no idea why or how it happened. Yesterday, the rank was around 100k+. I remember though that my site went down because of my hosting provider’s system maintenance (the tech support agent said my site should not be affected. wow, it was done more than 2 hours).

When my site returned online, I was surprised to see my Technorati ranking drop to more than a milion?!?! Wow! Something is definitely wrong. I checked my other blogs but their rankings were intact. It only happened in this blog. I will probably email Technorati about it. There could be some glitch perhaps … because I cannot believe the ranking dropped heavily all of a sudden.

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