As any thriving business will continue to follow the latest technologies to stay ahead of their respective competitors, older technologies that have been around for decades is still relevant in today’s fast pace world. Communication is the epicenter of any successful business.

Whether speaking to clientele or potential business partners without receiving the spoken or written word none of these things would be possible. Something as simple as answering a phone, email, or txt message, however that company decides to conduct their communication, having the right answers for whatever inquiry that pertains to your business is pivotal to retaining that relationship between you and the consumer.

As you may well know though we are human and need some sort of rest, a business can be deemed perpetual, almost autonomous, and everlasting as long as it is designed to operate that way. In all the facets of business from sales to shipping there is absolutely no rest between the cyclic processes.

Here in lies the difference between working within a certain timetable the “limiting of input” to adapting a model where when your hours stop your business doesn’t. If set you set this model up correctly, the growth of your business is imminent. What is this decades old system that has grown with technology and is designed to prolong consumer relationships and induce growth? Would you believe it starts with a simple hello?

The telephone answering service business has been around for a long time, and has worked hand in hand with business for years. From answering phones that had a plastic ring with holes used as a dialing mechanism, to speaking to a receptionist from a virtual office that may not even work in the state of the company he or she is answering for, answering services may
very well be synonymous with the word business.

With a staff that is well versed in the aspect of your business, along with customer service training, consumer prolongation is ensured. Virtual answering services have zero working hours offering continuous communication. It can help companies keep communicating with consumers and affiliates three hundred and sixty five days a year; it doesn’t matter if it is a week day, a working day, after business hours or a public holiday.

The chances of missing out on messages or calls are diminished. If given the opportunity to, a phone answering service can respond and follow up with any method of communication you desire your business to have. Communication methods that include though not limited to: voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook and Twitter integration. Here you no longer limit yourself
to the local consumer base, and have the potential to expand across time zones if desired.

A simple hello can go a long way.

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