Samsung Galaxy S 4 has made it known that is has quite a number of sensors inside its Galaxy S4 smart phone. Some of these include the on board barometer and temperature/humidity sensor.

Samsung has revealed that there are a total of nine sensors on board its latest flagship smartphone and detailed their roles in phone’s features via an info-graphic (photo from Sinful Android).

Most of the modern smartphones come with some common sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and proximity sensor, which are necessary to provide some practical features, but Samsung has taken it to a whole new level.

Despite these number of sensors, the battery-backup of the phone will not be affected.

The MicroGoose environmental monitor provides web based remote surveillance of temperature, relative humidity and dew point.

This device makes it especially useful for monitoring environmental conditions in critical applications such as computer server rooms, network closets, server racks in collocation facilities to check against SLAs, clean rooms, laboratories, blood banks, clinics, museums, warehouses or any critical facility.

The thing that I like about this is its simplicity of use. I could easily view and log data center temperature, relative humidity and dew point over the intranet or the Web. There are no software applications required to be installed. All I need is a web browser to access the user interface.

This device connects to an Ethernet Network with a standard connector and sends data in standard TCP/IP packets. It is easily configurable with a simple menu using a web browser and you can even password protect it with several access level options like Administrator, Control or View Only.

You do not need to be technically inclined in order to be able to use this device and access its system. The instructions are self explanatory.

All in all, I would say this is a great little device for the price offered. It should beat out competitor products for pricing and capabilities.

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