Consistent capacity growth in hard disk drives (HDDs) has become something we take for granted. It is not so trivial if you think about the fact that there are in fact physical limits to how much data you can store on one disk and every now and then we are nearing a limit that cannot be topped anymore.

The last limit was hit in 2005 and the next seems to be arriving in the 2013 – 2015 timeframe. However, a new technology breathes new life into HDDs. HAMR will bring massive storage growth and propel the industry far beyond 100 TB.

Now, wouldn’t this be great? 😉 We can now store thousands of movies, games and music without having to buy more and more hard disk drives just to store all of them. Technology is really great. It keeps evolving year after year and the results are very good. Now, the price may probably be expensive at first once it will hit the market but when the cost subsides, people should go grab one of these hard disk drives.

I might get one myself ;).

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