It is geeky but true: An Intel technology called “Thunderbolt” is creating quite a storm in the computer and gadget worlds this week. The Thunderbolt will allow you to transfer photos, videos and files from other devices to a computer faster than ever before.

Intel’s new Thunderbolt cable and port system claims to be 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and 12 times faster than FireWire, both of which are its main competitors. For tech-heads in the audience, Thunderbolt transfers files at a rate of 10 gigabits per second. Its closest competitor, USB 3.0, allows for file transfers at a rate of 5 gigabits per second — so Thunderbolt is twice as fast.

The big catch, though: Intel developed this technology in coordination with Apple. So, for now, it’s only available on Apple’s new MacBook Pro line, which debuted on Thursday, the same day Intel announced Thunderbolt (boy, how much did Apple pay them for this? ;)).

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