People with ATM cards all have one frustrating experience in common: the maximum limitation that ATM machines can dispense daily. It can be annoying at times when you badly need money and the ATM machine will not dispense more than its default maximum amount dispensed for your account.

There are solutions like the integrated smartbox AMT from Sightline Payments that allows patrons to perform ATM and credit and debit cash advances on a variety of ATM types. The integrated smartbox ATM software allows anybody to get a debit or credit cash advance more than the maximum allowed by ATM machines. Pretty convenient right?

This is just one of a handful of payment solutions that cater to cash access and ticket redemptions. Think about casino players. Wouldn’t this be their most ideal savior in case they run out of money to play? They could withdraw as much as they can. Redemption kiosks are good alternatives for casino patrons to redeem tickets, break bills and cash checks, in addition to regular ATM transactions.

Kirk Sanford founded Sightline Payments¬†with the sole purpose to be the gaming industry’s preferred cash access and ticket redemption provider by focusing on delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, exceptional guest experience and consistently fulfilling a customer expectations and needs.

The solutions mentioned above are just of the few innovations created by them. When you think about it, the scope of the business is pretty huge … and very promising. By offering an integrated system where anybody can do cash access, ticket redemption and more, these activities within one diverse system make it efficient, accessible and hassle free.

Partnering with world class companies to enhance their product lines while maintaining low overhead to efficiently deliver solutions that keep prices lower than their competitors, thus allowing clients to save and benefit more.

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