Here is an effective class I use to detect gestures in Android devices such as flinging in any direction whether it is up, down, left or right using a GestureDetector.

I found this class in the illusionsandroid website and modified it a little to suit my requirements such as changing the value to at least detect a bit of a long fling rather than a short one.

To use the class. do it like this.

And, in your onTouch() method as I am sure your Activity implements the OnTouchListener, use the flingListener like this:

The Goldtouch stand alone USB Numeric Keypads are the perfect ergonomic accessory for number crunchers. Okay, so you may think I am biased or something. But check out these features:

The separate numeric keypad allows computer users to comfortably position the keypad within arm’s reach thus eliminating awkward arm and shoulder positions.

That alone, the comfort factor is a huge attractive feature health wise. The 22 Key Goldtouch numeric keypad is available in black and white and can be used for PC and Mac versions.

These have been engineered to the highest standards of quality. Proof of these is because through extensive 3rd party studies and over a decade of use, their product lines have been tested and proven to help prevent and reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity, lower absenteeism and bring greater comfort to computer users across the globe.

But that is not all. Gold Touch also offers ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, other numeric keypads, laptop and tablet stands, mouse pads and wrist rests, bundles and ergo suites. And I recommend you buy them straight from their online marketplace.

The price is cheaper compared to what you can find in retail stores. Check it out. These kinds of numeric keypad can definitely help give you comfort when using them.

While this message is not really something that will affect your web app, people like me tend to see warning messages as annoying and as such will go to great lengths to find a solution that will avoid having this warning message appear in the console.

The sample below indicates an Ext.Label declaration is missing.

To fix this, all you need to do is go to app.js and add this class in the requires field.

You can also add them within your view, controller and other classes if you wish to specifically require them within those scopes. However, the global option is more hassle free.

That’s it! That should clear those warning messages.

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