Or so Proview Technology Co. Ltd., the company suing Apple for copyright infringement, with them saying they own the rights to the iPad name in the country. The company, which is based in the southern city of Shenzhen, registered the iPad trademark in January 2000 and still owns the rights to its use in China, citing government archives.

The two companies held talks previously over the transfer of the trademark but had failed to reach an agreement. The reasonable price of the iPad trademark now stood at $US800 million ($A814.17 million). Wow! That is awfully huge! This is big money we are talking about considering Apple’s standing in the tech industry and its hot sales on its “i” lineup of gadgets and devices.

How this will pan out should be interesting. Will Apple give in to Proview’s demands? Or will Proview do something else that Apple may find not favorable to them? Share your thoughts.

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