I have to say this game is awesome! Trap Hunter: Lost Gear mixes turn based strategy with a dose of role playing game. You play the character of Edwin who is not a powerful warrior but one who possesses an artifact called Trap Gear.

With this, you can place traps against monsters that can aid you in defeating them easily rather than going up against them melee style.

Explore dungeon, confront monsters and accomplish missions. New missions will appear after you finish current ones. The hardest for me is the level which requires you to at least cross 100 floors. Now, I used to make sure I clear all parts of a dungeon’s floor in other missions but for this one, I suggest you go to the next level right away if you see the portal because you can never tell if you encounter bad ass monsters in 1 floor.

If you do, you will get toast.

Trap Hunter does require a bit of luck sometimes because once you encounter a bad ass monster head-on, you are at a disadvantage right away. I mean, moving 1 tile against your enemy’s 2 tiles is unfair right? If you get cornered, then it’s bye bye.

The graphics look great and the sound effects are pretty good. Overall, this is a very good game that you should check out. It would have been nice though if the game can give you very powerful weapons and armors rather than being stuck with the same ones over and over.

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