I was looking for a good online marketplace for my friend’s business selling two way radios when I came across the online marketplace of Tech Wholesale. If you ask me, I prefer an online store that focuses on a specific product because I believe it is bound to offer more variety of that certain product.

Plus, the good thing about wholesale is that you can get such items in bulk at way lesser the total cost per item. That is huge savings, right? Wholesale is more or less for those who wish to buy in bulk for their own business or use.

This online marketplace provides a specific portal for users to be able to purchase a variety of two way radios at absolutely low prices. If you compare the prices to what you can find in retail stores, even if they offer it in bulk you will see the huge price gap.

You may not know it but two-way radios come in all shapes and sizes and are available in 3 types of frequency band: UHF, VHF and 900MHz ISM. They even have a guid to help you how to choose the correct two-way radio for your communication applications.

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