Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is an action/role-playing sequel set in the Marvel comics universe, starts with a good foundation: the excellent Civil War storyline. This storyline provides a fitting backdrop for what could have been an all-star, superpowered frolic, but the unfortunate reality is an unfinished and poorly designed button masher.

You start off kicking enemies at Latveria but then find yourself choosing which superhero side you want to be, those pro on the registration act where every superhero should register themselves and revealing their identities to the public or those who oppose it.

If you had played Marvel type action games of 4 characters, then this one is no different. Although the managing of powers and skills user interface is different from the other games, I think Marvel Legends 2 (Rise of Apocalypse) is better. Along the way you can also collect things to unlock bonus missions, extra skins and special characters.

The game works in a linear way. You go to a room, defeat baddies then go on to the next room. The game lets a hero do a fusion with another hero to do a super powerup. Very effective against big bosses.

The game is good, but I did not like it as much as Rise of Apocalypse.

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