So when I was using Angular JS, I wanted to set the form in a modal dialog window back to its pristine state whenever it was shown.

Problem was, the form is always undefined. If I place a code within the modal window, the form exists but when I call it in a Javascript function, it is undefined.

The solution is to add $parent to your form name like this:

This will automatically create the form object in your parent controller. Then, you can simply access it using the scope like $scope.myForm.

To fix this Ant error message that confuses users into thinking that the cause of the error is somewhere in the foreach tag, do the following steps:

  1. Go to  the download page of ant-contrib at
  2. Download ant-contrib-0.3 and copy ant-contrib-0.3.jar to the lib folder where your Apache Ant is installed.
  3. In your build.xml file, make sure you declare this XML

That is all!

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