Removing Windows services is easy. You only need to make use of the command sc and you are good to go. Go to START > RUN then type cmd to open up the command dos prompt then type the command (see below)

Make sure to reboot your system after doing this and to stop the service first before attempting to delete it.

mcafeesecuritycNormally, deleting an application in Mac OS is just a simple thing to do. Delete the .app application and that is it. Or, to fully clean everything up, you use some 3rd party application like in my case AppDelete. However, McAfee VirusScan in Mac OS does not work like that. When I deleted that application, whenever I plug in my USB, it still pops up a window and scans everything inside it. So it seems the only solution for me was to re-download the installer again and, after extracting it, look for the uninstall command file that comes along with it.

Open the Terminal application and drag the uninstall file there. Everything then will follow. That’s it. McAfee VirusScan fully uninstalled.

Creating a setup wizard within Visual Studio does not include an uninstall shortcut with it. The uninstalleasiest and quickest way would be to do the following. This post assumes you already know how to create a setup wizard.

Create a batch file (say name it uninstall.bat) with the contents below
@echo off
msiexec /x {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}

Where {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} is the product code that is found in your setup project’s product code. Make sure you include the brackets as well.

Under Application Folder, right click, choose ADD, then FILE and browser to where uninstall.bat is located. Under User’s Program Menu, right click and create a shortcut. Then browser to Application Folder and choose the uninstall.bat file that you just added.

Rebuild your project and voila! Your uninstall shortcut is now included when the setup wizard installs your application.

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