There was Now, the ultrasn0w now supports the iPhone 4.

Version 1.0-1 of ultrasn0w works for:

iPhone4 baseband 01.59
3G/3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04
(If ultrasn0w doesn’t show when you search Cydia, add the repo:

Make sure you jailbreak your iPhone first before being able to install and use ultrasn0w.

This YouTube video from AdamFromYT shows you how to do the process on the iPhone 4.

Sounds too good to be true? It sure is. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) got a big revision today that will likely change the way that users may lawfully use and enjoy the products and media that they own.

The Librarian of Congress announced DMCA Section 1201, which adds six provisions whereby persons who circumvent access controls in order to engage in noninfringing uses of works in these six classes will not be subject to the statutory prohibition against circumvention … this, if only it applies that the said actions will be done for security purposes only.

  • People may now rip DVDs to show clips for educational purposes, criticism, commentary and noncommercial videos.
  • People may now legally jailbreak their iPhones, root their Android phones or legally unlock their cell phones without fear that phone maker companies will go after them.
  • People may now circumvent the copy protection of PC and video games for investigative reasons. This should be a great thing for PC gamers sick of dealing with the DRM of the games they legally purchased.
  • People may now get past software that’s protected by an outdated hardware dongle.
  • People may now break past ebooks that do not allow the text to be read aloud.

This is good news. And as long as these actions do not go beyond personal use (e.g. business), then I guess all is safe. What do you think of this news? Share your thoughts.

iphoneI guess this application beats other ways to unlock your iPhone or iTouch as the easiest. Just plug in your iTouch, launch the application and click the button and the application called “Blackra1n” does the rest. This software is made by George Hotz, one of the original members of the dev team in the jailbreak community. I just learned he got kicked out because he prematurely published information on the iPhone hack.

The easier a software can handle the things it needs to do, the more people would prefer to use it. Blackra1n is by far the easiest one to use. And it works on the latest iPhone and iTouch models too ;). Look it up in Google. The software has both Windows and Mac OS versions.

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