This game boasts pretty impressive graphics as well as audio and music effects. Other than that, that is all there is to it with Batman Arkham Origins.

Sure, everybody loves a good fighting game but purely fighting game? Better play Street Fighter instead. This game is just that except for the upgrades and the endless fighting that you have to do in order to get upgrades, gain experience and eventually fight powerful bosses.

I would have loved this game but there is nothing else that is offered here except just fight and fight. No mission quests or anything.

My review on this is pretty short because I really did not play this game very long after a few fights. I expected more. Instead, I think watching the animated movie Batman Assault on Arkham is way better than playing this game and watching a few cinematics.


Sad. This game was supposed to be good but the gameplay made itself limited. The good thing though is that this is free and you only get to spend real moeny if you itch to go the short route and immortalize batman’s gears right away.

Other console version of this game feature action adventure type gameplay. However, its Android version only featured beat them up scenarios which I am not a fan of so it did not take long for me to uninstall this game.

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Upgrading your computer is not really that hard. You may think that only techies are the ones who can tweak computers without worries and with confidence.

I am a techie but I started out not as one and I actually tweaked my own desktop when I wanted to upgrade its RAM and hard drive. It was not hard. The wires may fool you into thinking upgrading computers is complex but it is not.

There are a ton of video tutorials too if you want some spoon feeding visuals to help you out just in case you still feel nervous about doing it yourself without any experience yet.

I recently used a system scanner that detects computer performance identifying the existing RAM that your computer has and provides a listing of recommendations how much memory is applicable to you.

There were many recommendations given to me which is hardly surprising since my current computer specs suck at 2GB of RAM. Probably a 4GB or 8GB would surely boost my computer’s performance.

And price is really not a problem because memory sticks are not very expensive. See the screenshot of my system scan showing that my PC has only 2GB of RAM.

The scanner came from and there are also a ton of other video assets to help you out, which are fairly easy to understand even for a non techie.

Even old computers can have their lives extended. That is, if you add the right specs to it. Check out Crucial’s system scanner to see what computer parts you may need to upgrade in order to have your computer keep up to speed running the latest softwares.

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Now isn’t this something? We all have to upgrade phones at some point in the future. Considering that new features and new models come out in the market every year, we upgrade our phones sooner or later. Everybody does.

And now comes the good news. buys used cell phones and other electronic gadgets, even when broken. You can then use the cash to help yourself buy a new phone. Rather than giving your old phone to someone else and not getting anything in return, use this opportunity to your advantage and Sell Your iPhone to Cellitused.

In the process, you also get to help save the environment. Most people still have no idea where old electronic devices end up. Worse, its materials are harmful to mother nature. Through recycling and reuse, the effect of harming the environment is lessened.

This is a two pronged advantage you are doing. Not only are you helping the environment, you also get something from your old cellphone if you plan to get a new one. This service never existed before as far as I can remember.

Just think how beneficial this is to you when you upgrade your mobile device. Sell it to them, make some extra cash and help save the environment in return.

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