Twitter is turning its text-messaging website into a multimedia showcase by adding a new pane that will make it easier for its 160 million users to check out photos and video. Seems Twitter is on to some major changes.

The redesign unveiled Tuesday may compel people to linger on Twitter’s website for longer periods and come back more frequently, making it a more attractive advertising vehicle. The facelift, expected to roll out around the world in the next few days, splits the website into two panes.

One is devoted to the 90 million messages, or “tweets,” posted on Twitter each day, and the other features the images contained within the text. Until now, most links to photos and video have been displayed on other websites or browser tabs.

The new look further underscores Twitter’s emergence as a major communications hub. In the process, Twitter has evolved from a geeky hangout when it started four years ago to a worldwide phenomenon today. What do you think? Will Twitter’s new features attract its users to stay on the site a little more?

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