So there are many companies offering VOIP services so why am I talking about EasyPhonia? For one thing, they can provide you with fixed line numbers. This way, it will be easy to stay close to your customers, business partners, family and friends who have a local phone number in their location.

Forward and receive the calls wherever you want, whether in the office, home and even your mobile, anywhere in the world. Your callers will pay only local call rates when they call you. It is cheap and affordable!

Everything seems to be mobile these days, that is why EasyPhonia has taken advantage of this and is providing its own mobile VoIP service which is a new way of using your mobile phone by routing calls over the internet rather than via traditional mobile operators, resulting in huge savings because the bridge or middleman is now excluded. Wherever you have Internet access, you can always make use of mobile VoIP.

And here is why you get to save more with EasyPhonia. It has only one rate for each country, so it does not matter which country you are calling from. If you want to call the US, you will pay the same rate no matter where you call from in the world.

With EasyPhonia, you will be able to cut your telephone bills and you will have no obligation whatsoever in terms of contract and fees. A win-win situation for you! Plus, you can get 10% extra credit on your first recharge and 200 minutes free for every friend you bring. How cool is that?!

With a fixed line, no hidden costs, the capability to call from any phone and without using any PIN plus unbeatable quality, you get these features at less the cost from other competitors. Visit Easy Phonia now to get started and register for an account!

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