These days the VoIP services are getting very popular. This popularity is expanding the market for the VoIP service providers and practically all magazines, newspapers, television advertisements etc are endorsing different VoIP service providers. But, is the leading VoIP service provider at the moment and it offers excellent solutions for communication needs of the businesses as well as the households.

The major tool required for the sound and flawless working of VoIP is a good broadband internet phone connection. Unless and until a user does not have a good internet connection, there is no way that the VoIP services can be obtained and used successfully. Furthermore, all those people who use internet through the satellite should have this in their minds clearly that the VoIP does not work at all with the satellite internet. In order to get all the services of VoIP work effectively and efficiently, the quality of broadband connection matters a lot.

Once, it is made sure that you have a good and a reliable internet broadband connection, the next step is the selection of a VoIP service provider. Almost all the service providers claim to give many features and good quality to their customers. This is true actually as many value added features like call forwarding, voice mailing, speed dialing, three-way calling, call blocking etc are similar amongst all the VoIP service providers but there are many other features like the package deals, pricing of calls etc that need to be evaluated and compared according to the needs and wants of a user. Axvoice is a very good VoIP service provider and it has developed four different packages for its customers.

Two packages are for the residential users, one is solely for the business users and the fourth package can be used by both residential as well as business users. The charges for the local residential package offered by Axvoice are $99 annually while the international residential package costs around $199 annually. Both these packages include a15 days money back guarantee, unlimited calls between U.S.A. and Canada, 30 value added features and many unique features respective to their packages. The business package costs around $35.99 per month while, the fourth package that is “pay-as-you-go” gives flexibility in call charges to its users.

Axvoice offers its customers best value at the most economical rates. It ensures that it delivers perfection and superior quality to its customers may they be the business users or the residential users of VoIP. It uses the latest technology of fiber optics for the transmission of audio and visual signals and carries out the communication in the most effective manner.

Axvoice offers a 24/7 customer and technical support to its customers and ensures that the customers are equipped with some back-up instrument in case of an emergency or a power breakdown. In fact, it gives a feature of e-911 to its customers which divert the calls on some mobile phone number in case the VoIP services are not working properly. In this way, the hindrance for making calls in power breakdown situations is minimized to greater extends.

So there are many companies offering VOIP services so why am I talking about EasyPhonia? For one thing, they can provide you with fixed line numbers. This way, it will be easy to stay close to your customers, business partners, family and friends who have a local phone number in their location.

Forward and receive the calls wherever you want, whether in the office, home and even your mobile, anywhere in the world. Your callers will pay only local call rates when they call you. It is cheap and affordable!

Everything seems to be mobile these days, that is why EasyPhonia has taken advantage of this and is providing its own mobile VoIP service which is a new way of using your mobile phone by routing calls over the internet rather than via traditional mobile operators, resulting in huge savings because the bridge or middleman is now excluded. Wherever you have Internet access, you can always make use of mobile VoIP.

And here is why you get to save more with EasyPhonia. It has only one rate for each country, so it does not matter which country you are calling from. If you want to call the US, you will pay the same rate no matter where you call from in the world.

With EasyPhonia, you will be able to cut your telephone bills and you will have no obligation whatsoever in terms of contract and fees. A win-win situation for you! Plus, you can get 10% extra credit on your first recharge and 200 minutes free for every friend you bring. How cool is that?!

With a fixed line, no hidden costs, the capability to call from any phone and without using any PIN plus unbeatable quality, you get these features at less the cost from other competitors. Visit Easy Phonia now to get started and register for an account!

This has not been incorporated yet through hardware and may not ever be but iPhone users can enjoy the dual mode experience through Line2. Designed for professionals who cannot afford to miss a call, Line2 combines the best elements of Skype and Google Voice, but adds business grade features, reliability and even live customer support. All these, from an application.

So how does it work? It’s amazing right? How an app for an iPhone can do this. The logic is pretty simple. Line2 adds a second number to your iPhone that works over WiFi, 3G, or Cellular networks using the same number which is an industry first. It is the ideal solution if you have poor cell reception or just want to reduce your bill.

Download the Line2 app and pick a new local or 800 number or port your existing number for free. With unlimited US/Canada VoIP on iPhone calls, low international rates, call waiting and call transfer features, 6 number simulring, auto attendant, up to 20 person conferencing, visual voicemail and many more, this app gives you more than how much it costs.

Oh wait! The good news is it is free! No Cell Reception? No Problem! Line2 is the only app that lets you have 2 phone numbers on iPhone and lets you call over WiFi, 3G and cell. You can check for more information of Line2 at iPhone app reviews.

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