WD-40 is a widely available water displacing spray originally designed to repel water and prevent corrosion, but later on was found to have numerous household uses. The name WD-40 actually means something, not some initials of a name of sort. WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement – 40th Attempt”. The creator was attempting to concoct a formula to prevent corrosion, by displacing the standing water that causes it. In the process, he arrived at a successful formula on his 40th attempt.

Well, actually I thought at first that this water spray is only good for household uses. If you check this site full of WD-40 videos, you realize there are actually some other uses for this one as well as the videos depict some funny and unexpected twists of uses for these sprays.

I think the best video out of the many WD-40 videos listed is this video called Can Hand Episode 5: Fishing Blooper. It is pretty hilarious. Now, I am not going to describe in detail what the video is. That would spoil the fun right? And, it is pretty short anyway. You can check out the site MyWD40.com to find a number of them. The site also features a social portal where you can find contests and other engaging content like forums where you can exchange opinions and ideas with other members of the online community regarding the WD-40.

Or, I could call the site some sort of a fan club site where WD-40 fans can talk about any of their WD-40 experiences with other members, take advantage of resources like tips on how to use it best, plus members are urged to join the video experience by submitting their own and sharing it to the world. It is a totally fun experience with WD-40 that you yourself can be a part of.

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