Companies need this. A website’s uptime is critical to one’s business. Even for personal uses. Nobody wants to have their sites being down even for a few minutes. Those few minutes can have a huge impact and could mean profits lost.

That is why website monitoring services provide companies the best solution to monitor their website’s uptime. One such service that I have had experience with is from Dot-Com Monitoring.

This is a web monitoring service that ensures the web application performance and uptime of your website by bringing together various features like monitoring, reporting, notification, escalation and analysis in one whole package best suited to your needs.

Visit the site to know more about their packages. They are not very expensive. In fact, they are affordable. And what’s more. What is a little subscription fee compared to the huge amounts of profits that can be lost if your website goes down and you had no idea right that moment?

The features range from providing external uptime, web performance and SLA Monitoring from around the globe to ensuring website availability and optimal end user experience as well as a quick and affordable way to stress test your web application.

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