The Internet network has became a wide area of hundreds of dimensions that people can follow in order to get what they want. Usually it is used in business and every-day life situations in normal and legal purposes. The owners of the companies can use it to promote their firm, look for suppliers or analyze the competitors, whereas ordinary people may find it useful in seeking information they need to work/school, for entertainment or to communicate with other people from all around the world. The issue of security in the Web is still very relevant, especially now. There are plenty of threats lurking in the web for those that cannot secure themselves or just don’t pay enough attention to that problem. Software like parental controls for internet, antivirus and firewall can bring some level of safeness, but is that enough to be 100% sure that nothing bad from the net can reach us?

What we should be afraid of?

We can easily identify bunch of threats that exists in the Internet. Starting from computer viruses and spy bots that can damage our computer devices easily and interfere in our privacy, going through things like pornographic and violent content websites that often appear, when we are trying to find specific information via typing phrases in the search engine, that are totally different from those topics. Those problems can hurt especially the youngest. But what is the worst threat in the Net?

Internet sexual predators

As in the heading, sexual offenders are the problem that parent of every child should keep in mind all the time. Sexual harassment trough the Net can end with extremely dramatic consequences for the kid’s mental and physic health. Back in the days, when Internet was at the very initial stage, the main place where sexual deviants were trying to create relationships with people, were mainly chatrooms. Nowadays in the age of social media platforms, they’ve got much easier “work” do to. On the websites like Instagram and Facebook we can easily find thousands of photos of people of every age. Next thing that is very worrisome is the fact that people are uploading their personal data like addresses and telephone numbers without the awareness that such information can be used against them. That’s why so important is to educate kids from the very beginning in order to built the awareness that sharing some type of information to the strangers can have very bad consequences. Only after the kids realize why it is so bad and admit that they understand the reasons, we can say that parents achieved success.

Parents’ job

What more parents can do to be sure that the kids are protected? The basic thing is the education, the second is to show how to use the Internet – learning by doing. The last thing is to use software that can improve the level of security at home’s devices.

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