I bet majority of would be couples do not know that wedding insurance exists. Heck, even I never knew about it until I came across an article and read about it. Amazing! As such, a wedding insurance may not be the bride or groom’s top priority, but a friend can actually get one for them. It does not have to be the couple involved who has to get one.

So what is a wedding insurance? This is specifically useful for anything that covers wedding gifts up to a stated limit in case of accident, fire or theft, wedding attire will be protected 3 months prior to and during the wedding, even costs incurred after the complete cancellation of a including flowers, photographs, caterers, transport and accommodation.

Each insurance provider will have different terms and conditions for cover, so be sure to check with your individual provider if it meets your requirements. Wedding insurances are a hit in the UK. If you choose to help a couple enjoy their big day, a wedding insurance is an ideal gift.

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