One of the most common problems with iPhones is that they get wet. Maybe you dropped it in the sink or maybe one of your children got it wet and didn’t tell you. The most important thing is to shut your iPhone off immediately if you think it got wet.

Then you can check to see if the iPhone is indicating that it got wet. Here at the Smartphone-Buyer blog, we like to share details like how you can see for sure your iPhone got wet.

Some iPhones have built in indicators either in the headphone jack or in the housing that connects your iPhone to its dock. In either case, there is an indicator that will come on if the phone gets wet. You may need a magnifying glass, a flashlight, or both to see the light. You may also start to consider where you might sell your iPhone.

When looking for the indicator, look for an orange, red, or pinkish glow. It is a small indicator so you have to look carefully. If this indicator is on, your warranty is void and although there is a very small chance you can save your iPhone, this is usually temporary.

In most cases, the phone will suffer long term damage eventually, even after you take the steps to dry it out. At this point your best best is to sell your iPhone to a reseller who may be able to salvage some of the parts after you get cash for iPhone.

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