There might come a time in your life when you find yourself being harassed or stalked by someone, which can be very threatening and frightening. Perhaps you are a controversial public figure and something you have done is generating a lot of animosity. Maybe you are a celebrity and a fan is acting much too familiar – calling you at home and invading your personal space. Maybe you have a stalker who won’t leave you alone – or an enemy who is threatening you by phone.

No matter what the reason, you don’t have to put up with being harassed – in real life or via telephone. There are many things that you can do in order to put a stop to this treatment and make sure that you are not harassed any longer.

Here are some of the strategies that you can use to make sure that you are no longer harassed by phone, from using a call blocker to calling the police:

Determine Whether It is a Criminal Offense

If the actions that the person is taking can be considered a criminal offense, you will be able to get the police involved to help you stop the harasser. For example, it is a criminal offense for anyone to threaten to kill you or cause you bodily harm – or threaten to destroy or damage your property or your animals. Also, indecent phone calls of a sexual nature are also illegal and can carry serious penalties and fines. You don’t have to actually be injured by the person who is harassing you – threats and indecent calls are enough to get the police involved.

You should never hesitate to call the police if someone’s harassing behaviour is making you feel in danger. That is what the police are there for! When you speak to a police officer, make sure that you get their badge number for your reference.

Make it Clear That You Consider It Harassment

The caller might be deluded enough to think that their behaviour is actually wanted. It might sound crazy, but perhaps the person doesn’t realise how invasive or inappropriate their behaviour is. Make sure that you tell them, in no uncertain terms, that what they are doing is not okay. Tell the person outright, “I consider this harassment.” Sometimes this is all that is needed to give them an important wake up call.

Make sure that you are clear and straightforward about this and that you don’t sugar-coat it and try to be polite. Sometimes, when they realise their behaviour is unwanted they will become embarrassed and will stop what they are doing.

Keep a Record for Reporting the Harassment

If you are getting harassed, it is very helpful to keep a record of every incident that occurs. If the harasser is acting in an illegal way, this will provide you with evidence if you choose to get the police involved. The more evidence of the harassing behaviour you have, the better you will be able to prove your side of the story.

Write down the time of every phone call and what the person said to you – especially any threats of death or violence or any sexually inappropriate comments. If possible, you could even consider recording the phone calls as evidence – after checking the laws about recording phone calls in your area, usually you need to make sure they know they are being recorded and this in itself could deter them.

Block their Phone Calls

There is a handy device that you can use to stop phone calls from people who are harassing you – known as a nuisance call blocker. This device will screen all of your incoming calls and display the phone number on a screen. If you can see that the call is coming from the number of your harasser, you will be able to put the phone call on your blacklist with one click of a button. This means that the next time the person calls you, all they will hear is a dead number tone.

This is a great way to stop the calls once and for all, so that you will not be harassed in your home.

 Tell Your Friends and Family

Being harassed by someone can be upsetting and can make you feel very vulnerable and nervous. It is important to tell the people you are close to – so that they can provide you with support. Keep them informed, so that they will be aware if something happens.

These are just a few very important tips that you should keep in mind if you ever find yourself being harassed on the phone.

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