This is a common problem often encountered by Android developers. The fix is pretty simple but is just overlooked, hence the problem.

Make sure that you set any widget like a Button, Checkbox, ImageButton and others with the attribute android:focusable=”false” in the XML file.

If you do not, then these widgets will always cause the OnItemClickListener NOT to be invoked.

Or, you could try replacing widgets with their similar counterpart like an ImageButton to ImageView.

Back then, I blogged about how good the LG Optimus One is. Really … Android did them a favor because it resulted in a cool smartphone that rivals that of the iPhone. There is soft-touch coating all around the phone, interrupted only by the four nice, clickable Android buttons below the 3.2″ screen, the 3 megapixel camera on the back and the chrome-like bezel.

LG’s additions to the software actually make this phone more attractive with the big additions coming with a launcher, some nice widgets and added DivX VOD support to the operating system as well as subtle touches to the user interface of the dialer and contacts. There is no Adobe Flash support in the browser, and ThinkFree Office is included.

But the core of how good the LG Optimus One is, is how it works seamlessly with Android’s applications like Goggles to identify photos like landmarks, books, structures and many more. Look. To see is to believe right? Check out the video below detailing what things to expect when one owns an LG Optimus One.

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