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Okay, so Whip is a social photo app that is available as a free iPad app, including Android and Windows 8 devices. So what makes this app different from the rest?


For one thing, it is free to begin with. Plus I like how quickly and easily I can blend many photos, video and music to make up my own storyline with just a few taps. I can put some comments in my album or add a song to it then see streams of likes and comments from my friends pour in.

Whip is for everybody, whether they want to share a cause they believe in, are really into their sport or simply like to show off their adventures. Showing off after all is 99% of the reason why people upload their photos to social networking sites.




One of the best parts about using Whip is being able to interact with other Whip users directly within the app. I am sure you have used social networking sites before. You definitely will get the hang of using the app. I tried it in my Android device and it was a breeze using it.

If I was able to use it ease, I guarantee you should be able to as well.

Whip can simply use photos from other social networking sites like Facebook to be used in the app and combine them to make up your very own story.

If you have not downloaded the app, then it is time to do so now. Only a few more days till Christmas arrives so there will surely be a ton of photos that will be taken when it comes. Take pictures of the food, the times when you will exchange gifts with your families, anything that you can think of.

The Whip Social Album simply provides users with a gateway to collect, inpire and create their very own story from their photos.

Check out this video to find out more about what this app can do!

Whip Social Album for iPad from Whip Social Album on Vimeo.

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Last Friday, I joined Accenture’s seminar about Windows 8 application development. The speaker was not really that good but of course I did learn some things.

Windows 8 is really something new. I have not tried it first hand since I do not like using beta softwares, I was satisfied just by watching the demo.

Now, as far as developing Windows 8 Metro styled apps, the speaker said to be consistent. He has a point and I totally agree with him.

Then again, I thought to myself, in order to grasp the consistency of developing Metro styled apps, I have to use Windows 8 itself so that I could understand how the new operating system works.

The speaker also demoed a short sample on how to create a Windows 8 app. Simple and the template for tiles is already there by default. That made me laugh a bit because I tried to make an app that mimicked the Windows 7 phone tile user interface, using someone else’s sample code.

Windows 8 is interesting and has great potential. I really am interested to learn about this and convert my Android apps to Windows format. However, my PC in the company sucks because it is slow so learning Windows 8 will have to take a raincheck for now.

Still, despite the not so good speaker, it was a good topic and I learned some new things.

For the first time in a long time, my curiosity for a Windows operating system has finally kicked in. I have never used Vista after that one time when I wanted to check out all the hype (and deleted it right away), nor have I ever used Windows 7 despite their claim that it is not a resource hogger unlike Vista.

Windows 8 though … now this is something else. And I mean something new. Following Apple’s style with theier next operating system, the next version of Windows will look a lot like Windows Phone 7.

CNet divulged a few details that Microsoft unveiled the design for Windows 8 at the All Things Digital conference. The software giant plans to provide a more extensive demonstration at a conference for application developers this coming September.

Something new is always something good and incorporating features in Windows Phone 7 looks to be attractive. After all this time, I finally may decide to try and switch to a new Windows version. I still prefer XP over its other sequels.

Photo from CNN.

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