While reading an e-book about Windows Phone programming, I came across a paragraph that caught my attention. From Microsoft Press’ e-book titled Programming Windows Phone 7, it stated that:



This tidbit is very informative. This could be why the default background color of smart phones is black. What do you think?

(photo taken from the EPMM website).

Symbian, the operating system that powers Nokia phones is finally making use of that deal with Microsoft and will fully promote Windows Phone 7, dropping their carrier operating system in the US and Canada.

I guess Asia and the rest of the world will follow suite.

It is no secret that Nokia is struggling. Having been king of the mobile area for many years, they did not innovate on the Symbian operating system that much, hence their downfall. There were not that much games either unlike Android and iOS.

Apps are what makes a phone more desirable plus Nokia’s physical phone designs are so redundant. The only positive thing I like with regards to any of their phones is its user friendliness. Other than that, no other features really attracted me.

Using Windows Phone 7 though, this should be interesting if they can climb up with the rest of the competition.

Now this comes as a surprise. According to iClarified, ChevronWP7 Labs is an upcoming tool that will jailbreak any Windows Phone 7 device with Microsoft’s approval.

The service though will require a small fee – currently via PayPal – but this is to offset costs.

Unlike Microsoft, Apple has chosen not to embrace jailbreaking even though it has ‘borrowed’ many of its best features from jailbreak developers. In July of last year The Library of Congress ruled that jailbreaking your iPhone in order to install applications not approved by Apple and/or to unlock is legal.

(Photo from iClarified’s site)

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