I have read users having problems running the install manager executable of the Samsung Tizen SDK both in Windows 7 and 8. In my case, when I run the install manager under Windows 7 32-bit, it closes the popup window after extracting the file so I had no way to figure out what files were decompressed and where they were placed.

I had to take a screenshot just to find out where. The extracted files can be found at


Now that you found the path, what to do next? Since the files located there are a jar file and a conf text file.

To run the install manager manually, run it using Java from the command line.

java -jar InstallManager.jar

That’s it! You should see a window show up like this.


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First things first. You need to know the process id in order for the command taskkill to work.

To start with, run this command (include double quotes):

Once you see the results, get the PID (which is the value of the last column) and run this command:

That’s it!

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