I was hesitant at first to install the latest version of WordPress to date 3.3 seemingly as I had some bad experiences before when I upgraded to the latest version resulting in some of my plugins unusable and rendering my blog unable to display all content.

Well … it was a good thing I went ahead and updated it. Seems like they did some major revamping with the user interface and how users see some common functionality like uploading files with a new look. Hey, you can now drag and drop files to the uploader area rather than doing the manual way. Of course, both options are still available so it is up to you which one you like to use more.

Other features include a new toolbar, popup sub-menus when you hover the cursor over the menu item and even a Tumblr importer. This version is codenamed Sonny. No idea though and I am lazy to find out the reason for that.

I have no problems with the UI, unless it messes up how things work. Cosmetics aside, I absolutely have no problems using the latest version … so far. And oh yeah, my plugins all worked out fine too.

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