xwatermanWhen I started playing this game, only one thing came to my mind. This looks like a Mario Brothers platform. Everything looks the same except how the world is rendered in 3D. The characters looking different is a given since they might get caught in a copyright infringement lawsuit if they used the same characters.

The user game interface is projected to players the same way how the Mario game platform in the old Family Computer is, with an A and B button and directional arrow controllers to move the character back and forth.

I would have loved this game. However, once I started pressing A and B the movement sucks!  When Waterman jumps, it is in slow motion which irritated me as I could not time the jump well when attacking enemies or jumping on top of blocks.


You have various role forms in this game, you will get great power through your changing form physically to beat the devil. So you need to progress deep into the levels in order to gain access to those various forms.

The graphics overall is superb! The music is alright. The controls are really what makes this game bad. If only the developers focused on this one. Even an average looking graphics game can be a very good one if the controls are fluid.

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