Okay, so you just installed XCode 6 in order to take advantage of Apple’s new programming language Swift. Then, when you create a new project and attempt to run it in the iOS simulator, it tells you it is unable to select the destination.

Here is what I did in so the list of iOS simulators will appear:

  1. In XCode, go to Preferences > Locations
    • Command Line Tools select Xcode 6.
  2. In the Terminal app, go to /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData
    • delete everything
  3. Reboot your desktop/laptop


When you run XCode again and click on the iOS Device icon on the upper left side of the window, you should then be able to see the list of iOS simulators.

Definitely you had just gone through your first tutorial in developing an iOS app and after some recompilations, the simulator gave you a black empty screen and gives you the notion that it hangs.

To fix this, focus on the iOS Simulator app and in the menu, go to:

  • iOS Simulator > Reset Content and Settings.

That’s it!

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