If you played other Marvel role playing versions for PSP, then this one is no different. The game has some linearity when it comes to finishing missions but nevertheless, I enjoyed playing this game mainly because I get to choose a diverse number of characters from the X-Men Universe to use as my tag team.
This game features online multiplayer modes, new characters from the X-Men and the Brotherhood, new powers and abilities and the player can switch between more than 4 mutant powers at once. After beating the game, the player could start a new game with their old stats.

The main big boss here is Apocalypse, and you go finishing up missions in 5 acts in order to reach him and defeat him once and for all. I had a pretty hard time with that alien guy from another dimension that looks like Modok but, well … I was able to beat it since I just played it in easy mode. I could imagine how hard the hardest mode will be if I chose that option.
A very good role playing type of game. Definitely worth playing.

Currently I am playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine for PSP and this is my take on the game. If you still remember how the movie goes, you will be familiar with the existing character.  Put yourself in the shoes of Logan, aka Wolverine.  This game picks up where the movie left off, with Stryker attempting to get some of Logan’s memories back using massive amounts of electricity.

You play as Wolverine killing enemies in every level based on flashbacks generated by the electricity. The game is played linearly, where you move through pathways and killing your objectives in order to proceed to the next objective. I am playing in easy mode so I will get to finish this game in no time he he he.

Logan’s healing factor also helps because I do not have to worry about my health getting depleted because I can just run away from the opponent and regenerate before attempting to attack again. Be careful of environmental factors though, as they can hinder his regeneration abilities. If you walk him into a fire, he loses his ability to heal slowly until he is basically a human.

Good game overall.

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