When the Motorola Xoom Tablet was introduced in the CES event, it opened up a lot of eyes. Apart from running Google Android’s Honeycomb operating system, it features a front and rear facing cameras, a camcorder, a 10.1 inch widescreen HD display, dual core processors, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and supports Flash.

Now, this is the next standard specs for tablets are going to be and the Xoom Tablet is one of the first few who pioneered using these hardware parts. Like the iPad, the Xoom also has 10-finger touch capabilities which will make the on-screen keyboard much more useful.

Ain’t it fun to watch yourself move things around on-screen with all of your fingers? Perhaps this may become a standard in the future.

As for the operating system itself, Honeycomb offers a great number of different widgets that will catch your attention for sure. Image store, book collection, video chats, interesting videos that are popular today. And for sure the games are there (my favorite).

Compare this with the iPad, and the iPad looks like an ancient relic. Now, unless the iPad 2 will feature the same motorola xoom specs, I believe the Motorola Xoom Tablet will gain an upper hand in the new breed of tablet devices.

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