I talked before how Yoda’s voice and even Darth Vader’s will be in GPS systems soon. It has been awhile since they already released this to the public. A Jedi makes a U-turn only as a last resort. But if you get lost, at least now Yoda can show you the way. TomTom announced that it has added the voice of Yoda to its collection of Star Wars voices for its GPS devices.

TomTom is a digital mapping and routing company that focuses on car navigation. The company previously launched the voices of cyborg C-3PO and diabolical Darth Vader. Come August, they plan to release the voice of Han Solo.

For about $12, aspiring Jedis can download the voice of Yoda, which is accompanied by John Williams’ “Yoda Theme” music. A C-3PO voiced GPS sounds cool but Yoda? I am not sure about that though. The way he instructs is changed to the normal way people talk since Yoda talks somewhat in backwards, making drivers confused while listening to his instructions.

Still, Star Wars fans should love another character voice being added to the TomTom’s list of voice characters for their GPS system.

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